The risky pause of gratitude

Risk is, of course, always present, even at the extreme of an asteroid hitting the earth.  In more common (often perceived) risks, couples will often take a moment to express and/or celebrate their connection together.


Risk in everyday life

  • Before getting into a car
  • Before an airplane takes off (more than 1 in a million, but a nice time together smiley)
  • Before a bike ride on a road where there are cars
  • Before a natural disaster like a tornado or hurricane
  • Before a medical procedure
  • When one gets a serious illness, like the flu
  • Before engaging in a risky sport, like skiing



  • Hold hands for a minute while looking in one another’s eyes
  • Briefly squeezing one another’s hands
  • Taking a big breath together while looking in one another’s eyes
  • Saying I love you while looking in one another’s eyes
  • A long hug, of at least a minute
  • See “Whispering to the heart” couple ritual


Principal Purposes Served

  • Create stable touchstones
  • Emotional money in the bank
  • Foster nurturing, affectionate, loving contact