Yup, with liquid and a vessel.  smiley



  • Toast the beginning or end of every month with some reflection about each other, the past, and the future.  It’s helpful to have the focus stay on the two of you and stay positive.
  • At the beginning of the meal, toast to the day and each other.
  • Toast topics:
    • what each is thankful for
    • what was appreciated about the day
    • what is appreciated about each other
    • a note about the future
  • Cooperative toasting . . . take turns saying something until enough silence passed and then clink glasses and drink, while looking into each other’s eyes the whole time.
  • Preface the toast (or simply do this element) with holding each other’s hands with eyes closed and take a brief moment to appreciate your togetherness.  It ends when one squeezes the other’s hand and receives the squeeze back.