Songs for the heart

Some couples have special songs that they use at various times.  They may sing it together on a walk, at the start of a meal or event, in the shower, or in the car.  For the self-conscious, humming or whistling seem to be favorites.  The songs usually have special significance and are frequently silly children’s songs, or traditional folk songs from the culture.   A song that has special significance to the relationship, such as being present in the early days frequently or during a particularly memorable moment, is also common.  In this case, hearing the song (rather than reproducing it yourselves) triggers the heart connection.  

A digital variation is sending one another songs back and forth that would be enjoyed in some manner.  This version can offer a sense of play and predictability (that it will happen).  E-mail, texting a link to a song, Facebook, chat clients, etc.

Finally, a musical couple (both were musicians) would write one another a song once a year, and then sing at their anniversary.  The songs were different every year, and they would work on it all year long, so that the verses had a bit of history as well as sentiment mixed together.


Principal Purposes Served

  • Create stable touchstones
  • Build the relationship culture and history
  • Emotional money in the bank