The fun box

Similar to “The Nurture Jar,” one couple decided to have a “Fun Box.”  Instead of for support, they would collect things they both wanted to do together. 

Items were collected over time and they would pick something out when they both had the time and energy to do something.  Sometimes they allowed themselves to keep drawing until they found something that fit their mood that day, and other times they wanted to “resign” themselves to whatever was first chosen.  They also had another box next to it, which held items they had already completed.  The boxes usually held some significance, or the box changed forms until it held some special meaning.  Boxes varied from cookie jars to shoe boxes to envelopes to jewelry boxes. 


What’s in the box?:

  • Places to travel
  • Events to see (e.g., sports, arts, museum, special exhibits, music, theater, speaker, etc.)
  • An article want to write together
  • Read the whole paper
  • Learn something brief
  • Give each other a massage going out for one together
  • Hiking / longer walk
  • Workout / gym
  • Play a sport (e.g., golf, archery, soccer, Frisbee, bowling, etc.)
  • Sex
  • Workshop / class
  • Window shopping / shopping
  • Movie
  • Make something together


Principal Purposes Served

  • Build the relationship culture and history
  • Provide regular opportunities for play
  • Emotional money in the bank
  • Fulfill needs for predictability and novelty