Hide and seek

The children’s game is fun for adults as well!   Some games are simply part of the human DNA, such as throwing stuff at stuff (e.g., all ball sports, weapon activities, etc.).  Another human DNA game is the fun of stalking and searching and capturing . . . universally loved!  And, speaking of love, it makes for a lovely couple ritual, too.



  • At random times (usually at least once a month), each person would take a food that the other person really liked and hide it somewhere in the home with a note.  Foods that have been noted are chocolate, pastries, a special drink, or a favorite fruit.  Commonly, when one person was out, they’d get the other something they liked (especially drinks), and then casually hide it in the house while the other was in the house unwittingly, and then the game would begin with a clue.  Rarely were items entrees or things that would get cold after a while.  Flowers were common items as well. 
  • Combo ritual:  After the person found the item, and the other person, they would hug for a minute and simply say “I love you.” 
  • A small note was hidden in the house, and the scavenger hunt would begin.
  • Airport . . . when one person came back, the other would hide somewhere in the airport, and try and surprise their partner from behind with a big hug.  At first, it was easy with some more choice hiding locations.  Then, it got quite difficult as the other was very vigilant for the other . . . looking like a paranoid person in the airport!  Other people in the airport would be recruited for human screens, or for creating a distraction, so the other could sneak up on them.  The game increasingly requires cleverness, yet the playful cat-and-mouse game was a treasured part of their reunion. 


Principal Purposes Served

  • Build the relationship culture and history
  • Provide regular opportunities for play
  • Emotional money in the bank
  • Fulfill needs for predictability and novelty