Dedication to creating meaningful, powerful connections has been a journey of more than two decades, including a doctorate in psychology.  My name is Randall Grayson, and I have worked with families and children for decades, including being a father myself.


How it started

Casual talk on walks and hanging out with friends and strangers inspired me to inquire more about the special times that couples share together.  The more I learned and inquired, the more curious I became.  I then specifically did research in coffee houses, buying people’s coffee or tea in exchange for a few minutes of their time.

I branched out from coffee houses and did my research in bookstores, churches, workplaces, bars, and nursing homes in order to capture a greater cross section of society.  All in all, it amounted to well over a thousand interviews over 15 years with a diverse array of folks such as you wouldn’t even find at a required government service office.   I was left with many incredibly touching and funny stories, dozens of couple rituals, and the realization that they are universal.  And, the research continues!


Other websites

parentingtuneup.org / cleancommunicate.org


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